RECOMMENDED by the US Review: “A Wall Street Bailout for Main Street”

The bailing out of banks considered “too big to fail” by the government in the latter days of the Bush administration and into the next left many people struggling to get by, disenfranchised and wondering how the massive institutions could be rescued, but not them. With those people in mind, the author, holding a doctorate in Applied Mathematics from Harvard and a Sloan Fellowship Executive Master’s of Business Administration from the London Business School, employs a strategy for trading stock options that anybody can profit from. Through the buying and selling of covered call options, this strategy allows people to make additional money through their portfolios without the actual trading of the stocks themselves, essentially generating thousands of dollars of extra income. Possible with IRAs and creating tax-free income for people, this book seeks to bail out the little guy using legal, standard principles that exist without most people understanding how they work.

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Alchemy in the derivatives market could trigger the next global financial crisis

January 24, 2017

Harvard John A. Paulson School of Engineering & Applied Sciences: Iris Mack's new book "A Wall Street Bailout for Main Street"

January 24, 2017

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