Midwest Book Review: Five-plus stars to “A Wall Street Bailout for Main Street”

Buckle up and settle in. It’s payback time for small investors — who want big returns.

In her outstanding new book A Wall Street Bailout for Main Street, Dr. Iris Marie Mack uses her Harvard University and London Business School savvy to simplify what she calls a “bulletproof trading strategy” that even the most inexperienced investor can use to become wealthy over time.

It’s a breakthrough primer that explains in easy-to-understand language the intricacies and importance of:

Stock Options, and
Covered Call Options (also known as “renting” your stocks)

These are the building block strategies used by sophisticated Wall Street players — and, once you understand the basic principles governing each one, you can use them to achieve personal financial success yourself — no matter how young or old you may be.

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February 16, 2017

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