“Breathe Again” by Peter Fritz

One of the biggest killers in modern Western society is stress, and debt is often a catalyst.

It begins from a young age – we’re taught to consume; to aspire for more, to out-do the Joneses. Wherever we gaze, we’re pummelled with marketing messages that tell us we’re not good enough, or happy enough, fancy enough or cool enough.

We’re told that the only way to a fulfilling life is to spend our way there.

But it’s a doctrine that crushes the spirit, destroys relationships, and blinds us to the magic of our brief time on earth.

Mindless compulsive consumption is every bit as destructive as the Black Death that killed up to 200 million people in the 1300’s. But like a frog in a pot of boiling water, most of us don’t realise we’re slipping towards our demise until it’s too late. We become so acclimatised to the deception we’re unaware of the danger.

Breathe Again confronts this head-on.

More than a simple how-to book on debt reduction, it tackles the questions many of us are afraid to ask, and it presents a simple, easy-to-implement strategy for getting our lives back on track so we can breathe again, and begin to see the abundant opportunities all around us.

Presented as a take-no-prisoners killing spree (of debt), this book draws on my failures as an ambitious gold star chaser who wanted everything but ended up losing even more.

It takes the reader by the hand, and through a three-step process, illustrates how I reversed the damage of my past and created a life many would envy – not just for the financial turnaround, but for the freedom and autonomy it now delivers.

From two fundamental decisions, it takes the reader through a series of key questions like,

  • “How did I get here?”
  • “What if I can’t repay my debt?”
  • “How much money would I have if I invested what I’m wasting?”

Along the way, it discusses the fallacy of traditional budgeting, dealing with tax debt, the three kinds of debt (Good, Bad and Ugly), and onto the kind of debt that will make you rich.

It describes how to use credit cards as tools for debt-reduction, and then wraps some hard numbers around the cost of lifestyle purchases, culminating in a final warning to encourage action.

Most of all, this book can be read in less than an hour, yet deliver a lifetime of value. And for those who want to consume it on the go, it comes with a free audiobook version, too.

If the reader follows the advice in this small but powerful book, they will kill their debts, and we’ll both be glad we met.

Feel free to learn more about Mr. Peter Fritz here.

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