Since 1932 Gold Has Outperformed the U. S. Dollar by 4,300%


Since 1932, Gold Has Outperformed Cash by 4,300%
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The global economy is at the brink of another economic meltdown. Household unsecured debt (credit card and student loans) in the USA reached $13 trillion in the first quarter of 2017. The global financial markets are quite volatile – hence very risky if you want to make secure long-term investments.


For security invest in gold, silver and other precious metals and here is why:

  • Precious metals retain their purchasing power: You can buy a gallon of gasoline now for the same amount of silver as you did in 1930.
  • Easy to trade: Demand for gold and silver is worldwide and increasing. They both have the same recognized value everywhere.
  • Tangible wealth: Precious metals retain their value over time. They are a great way to pass real inheritance to your family.
  • Steady value: The prices of gold and silver move independent of stocks and bonds. When the economy is bad you have assets in your portfolio that steadily retain their value.
  • It’s often quoted that since 1932, gold has outperformed cash by 4,300%.


Please read more here to learn about investing in Gold and Silver.


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