CNN’s Jeffrey Toobin: ‘The president is winning’ in impeachment trial


CNN legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin argued that President Trump’s defense team is “winning” the Senate impeachment trial.

The legal analyst gave his opinion about the president’s legal team’s performance on Saturday following the conclusion of the first of three days allotted for its opening statement.

Here some of the reasons CNN’s Toobin thinks the president is winning the impeachment trial:

  • “Again, I just think the Republicans are winning here. The president is winning here. And as long as they don’t completely fall on their faces, which they’re all competent lawyers, they’re not going to do that, I think that’s fine for them.”
  • “They did make one good point about [the transcript], I thought, which was the president did about burden-sharing in that phone call, and the House managers didn’t focus on that or even mention it. And fair is fair.”
  • “He has talked about it before, and that was, I thought, a very legitimate good point made by the defense.”

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