Three Republicans qualify to be on the Republican ballot for Senate, not Faulkner – The Bull Elephant

Despite having successfully sued the state to drop the number of required petition signatures to be on the ballot, Omari Faulkner did not qualify to be on the Republican primary ballot for Senate on June 9th.

Three candidates qualified for the Republican ballot, retired U.S. Army Lt. Col. Daniel Gade, Army reservist Tom Speciale and Nottoway County teacher Alissa Baldwin.

Omari Faulkner is accusing the Republican Party of Virginia of ‘blatant racism and sexism’ in their process to certify candidates for the ballot.

From the Virginia Mercury:

“President Donald Trump has worked hard to reach into communities that have not felt they had a home in the Republican Party, such as African Americans and women,” Faulkner’s campaign said. “Instead of building on his success, the Republican Party of Virginia and Chairman Jack Wilson are at best, careless with this process or inept, and, at worst, blatantly racist and sexist by purposely keeping the only African American and female off the ballot to let the Republican voters decide their nominee for U.S. Senate.”

Apparently Faulkner was under the impression that Alissa Baldwin had also not been certified by RPV, but she was certified this morning. Faulkner was not.

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