Retard Day Traders | The Insanity of r/Wallstreetbets

“Like 4Chan found a Bloomberg Terminal”

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There are a lot of errors so I should qualify anything that I’ve said:

The sole intention of this video is a follow-thru of curiosity. I am an ignoramus, and the investigations behind this video, though I’ve found them insightful, they’re not wholly truthful or well-though out. I simply lack the requisite knowledge to have any opinions. I am ambivalent to the insinuations made in this essay and I neither believe nor disbelieve the narrative created.

Thanks for watching. Don’t smash the like button, that’s sexual assault. Don’t hit subscribe, that’s a microaggression. And don’t pay me, that’s capitalistic and condescending; I am an artist, not a commodity.

This fucking project crashed ten times while I was working on it.

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