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“I think that him shutting down the travel from China early was a huge help as far as trying to contain it,” Mr. Ricciardi said. “It was just alarming to see how quick this thing spread.”

Mr. Ricciardi believes that the coronavirus is “a man-made virus by China during an election year.”

He said that he would like to see the president “hold China more responsible” for the coronavirus. “To me this is biochemical warfare.”

“China needs to be investigated and they need to be held responsible if found there’s any evidence that they did this on purpose,” he added.

“The way I see it, you can’t call a guy a racist for stopping travel to China a month ago and do a 360 flip a month later and say he didn’t stop travel soon enough. You’re checkmated as far as I’m concerned. You already made yourself look like a dummy by doing that,” Mr. Ricciardi said.

Jarrett Stern is a hospital administrator in Littleton, N.H. He has worked in health care for 25 years. Mr. Stern said that he has been “pretty impressed” with the federal government’s response to the coronavirus. “It’s always easier to sit back and armchair quarterback what they did.”

He pointed to passing the stimulus package and “advising states as to how to minimize the spread of the virus” as positive steps. He said he has also been impressed with the daily White House briefings.

Jane Murphy Timken is the chairwoman of the Republican Party in Ohio. “I think the president has been doing a phenomenal job,” she said. “He has assembled a fantastic team of leaders who are experts in their field.”

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