British designer ImperivmCloth’s sickening Zyklon B themed products removed from sale by e-commerce platform

A British designer, ImperivmCloth, has had its Zyklon-B themed products removed from sale. The products included shirts, pillows, coffee cups, phone cases and postcards.

Zyklon-B, which produces a toxic gas, became the preferred murder weapon of Nazi Germany for use in gas chambers at extermination camps during the Holocaust. Around one million people were massacred using Zyklon-B, mostly at Auschwitz.

On its e-commerce website, the designer, based in Selby in Yorkshire, reportedly boasted about its Zyklon B line, writing: “You too can look minty fresh with this beautiful Zyklon B design.” The Zyklon B logo they used was based on the oral hygiene brand, Oral B.

According to the Daily Mail, they used online marketplace RedBubble to sell the products. The items have been removed by RedBubble.

Campaign Against Antisemitism welcomes the removal of this sickening line of products. They should never have been approved for sale in the first place.

Last month, RedBubble was exposed for selling Auschwitz themed miniskirts and pillows. Those items were also removed.

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