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Every year at the “State of the Union” address, representatives from Google Search announce new features, drop tips, and give hints to the things that matter to the company. This year’s address at last week’s “Google I/O 19” conference is worth watching. The speakers are Google’s John Mueller and Martin Splitt.

What follows are my 13 takeaways from the address.

How do you get your images to rank? Optimizing the text and metadata around your images helps Google understand the image’s contextual relevance. It’s worth noting that Mueller said nothing about Google’s visual recognition abilities. Do not rely on Google to automatically detect what’s in your images.

Google has pledged to make this change “evergreen,” saying that Googlebot will always run the modern version of Chromium. This is big news in search engine optimization, and will likely lead to some interesting changes in technical best practices as we learn more about Googlebot’s new crawling abilities.

This hypothetical markup highlights the difference to Google between crawlable links and uncrawlable — “Will be crawled” vs. “Not crawled.”

Using visual processing, Google may detect non-HTML links after the original crawl, but it usually takes much longer. Save yourself the stress and make HTML links an SEO requirement.

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