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On my super short vacation to Israel a few months ago, I had the opportunity to interview several SEOs including one named Ari Nahmani from Kahena. We spoke about two topics; hyperlocal SEO and managing e-commerce in Google search.

On the local SEO front, he explained how local SEO can be a bit more complex than normal SEO because of the proximity factors, amongst other things. When it comes to multinational brands with numerous locations, things can get even more complex. But making sure you are fully able to report on conversions and show the value to your customers is key.

E-commerce is challenging, you are not just competing with Amazon but also with the landscape of the Google search results. You have Google Ads, product listing ads, the new e-commerce boxes and so much more – all distracting from the ten-blue links.

You can follow Ari Nahmani at @AriNahmani on social and on his web site at

Here is the video:

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