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Following are the features of Nellie Version 1 (We will keep adding more features in our upcoming versions)

# Custom WooCommerce Settings

Nellie requires the plugin WooCommerce for functioning without which Nellie will halt and break. Do not worry, if WC is not already installed or activated; Nellie will do these all for you automatically.

Once the theme is activated, you will see a tab WooCommerce in Theme Options. If you go through the options/fields, you will see that there are plenty to work on. You need to keep most of them as default. ( unless mentioned otherwise in the help icons)

Let me discuss a few features:

Divi Page Builder : Nellie is using Divi Page Builder in the Product Pages by default. It means you can build your product description page using any Divi modules. Checkout our demo products and you will get this properly.

Sticky Summary Area: The product summary area can be made sticky in the product page keeping it always in view. In some cases if your description is too big for the view port, chances are there that your potential buyer will need to scroll up the page to add the product to the cart. Nellie will help you keeping the entire summary area floating and keeping always in view. Cool!, isn’t it?

Custom Logout Redirect: Once your registered members log out, they can be redirected to your desired page (a kind of Thank You page or so) as opposed to the default My Account or Homepage. See our demo Thank You page. Try logging in and check them all.

More Such: 

Please go through this document to know more of the other cool features on WooCommerce and their settings.

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