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If you are a micro business, a small or medium-sized enterprise, now is the time to gear up your digital presence.
Do you know that through the e-Commerce Grant Scheme you can be eligible for up to a maximum grant of €5,000 financing up to 50% of eligible expenditure?
This is a great opportunity for those who either have a completely innovative idea or are after improving their current digital stance.  The time to invest in e-Commerce is now.
Many believe that that by 2020 e-commerce worldwide will have reached and surpassed the figure of $4 trillion (source e-Marketer, Aug 2016).
Do you want to be part of that story?
You cannot afford to be left out.   Keep in mind that e-commerce is not only about direct selling online, but it also entails making bookings and generating new business through your digital presence.    Maybe you already have a website and you might want to tap into the mobile market via a Mobile App.
Keen Ltd is a certified service provider for this grant and we can help your business in the following manner: Helping you define your e-commerce ideas Consultancy related to online business planning Design and development of websites and/or mobile Apps Training Launching of new website and/or mobile Apps Providing services like hosting, monitoring and analysis.
Do not be outdone by your competitors!

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