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ShopIQ uses machine learning to make customer and store data more easily usable to e-tailers.

Many e-tailers see the value of data about customer habits and site performance for improving customer experience, revenues and decision making. Yet many also struggle to process and analyze such data in real time and at scale.

Seeking to solve this widespread challenge, data analytics startup IQLECT has announced ShopIQ. The “enterprise-grade” analytics platform uses machine learning and predictive analytics to help online sellers provide real-time, 1-on-1 customer personalization to improve conversions and sales, the company said.

IQLECT said the new service brings businesses of all sizes affordable insights on users, cart analysis, product and order analysis, other key metrics to optimize stores and sales. ShopIQ starts at $69 per month.

ShopIQ will lets ecommerce businesses seamlessly process large volumes of data from multiple data points, and generate insights from clickstream data that is useful in monitoring and visualizing store performance and overall growth. Such insights can also help overcome common issues such as cart abandonment and checkout failure before they become serious problems, the company said in a release.

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