What is E-Commerce? Types of E-Commerce (Business ideas in Tamil)

Video Type : Tamil Business Ideas , Business ideas in Tamil
Video Title : What is E-Commerce ? Types of E-Commerce
Video Language : Tamil

In this Informative Business Video, Baburaj Nepolean talks about What is E-Commerce ? Types of E-Commerce , and the importance of having a E-Commerce website for your business .

Some Key Points in the Video :

1) E-Commerce is medium of commercial transaction that takes place on the internet

2) E-Commerce model was First found by Micheal Aldrich

3) Billgates and Steve jobs both played an Important role in boosting the E-Commerce Industry Growth

4) Types of E-Commerce Models

Business to Business Model
Business to Consumer Model
Consumer to Consumer Model

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August 13, 2020

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August 13, 2020