E-commerce giant fled city pols

To the editor: 
According to a high-level executive at Amazon, the reason it pulled out of its deal with the city is that “Amazon had to think about what a long-term relationship with New York City would look like and, based on the experiences with local and state politicians to date, concluded it would be difficult at best.”
As the founder and owner of a number of businesses in the city, this statement truly resonated with me. Our local politicians have put a target on my back and treat me like I’m the enemy. What they often forget is that businesses are what create jobs. And jobs are what lift people out of poverty, pay our taxes and help fund government programs.
What I’m most proud of is the more than 120 jobs I’ve created in the past several years and the number of young people I have mentored who’ve gone on to start their own companies. Recently someone asked me if I would object to paying higher taxes. My answer was no, if the trade-off is that government would allow me to run my business without interfering unnecessarily.

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