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Business buyers often have complex questions about products, delivery, payment terms, and more. Live chat is critical for B2B ecommerce success. Image: Turner Supply.

Live chat is arguably more important for B2B sites than for B2C. The B2B purchasing process is typically complex. Buyers frequently have questions. Increasingly, they expect a live-chat function for real-time conversations.

For merchants, live chat is an effective form of communication. You know a bit about whom you are talking with. For example, you could see how the user got to your website, what he viewed, where he is located, and even what he is typing in the chat box before sending.

In short, if you are serious about capturing new business, live chat is critical. In this article, I will review the basics of building a successful live chat program.

There are three primary reasons to have a live chat program in my experience. First, it can increase conversions and sales. Second, it enables improved customer service. The third reason is often overlooked: Live chat identifies areas of improvement, such as confusing product descriptions, broken links, and mistakes.

Implementing Live Chat

1. Research.

2. Train staff. From my experience, the quality of training will reflect the success of live chat. Training should not be a one-time event. It’s an on-going effort. Start with four parts. Then customize to fit your business.

Once you’ve selected a live chat provider, have multiple training sessions of 30 to 45 minutes each. Explain how to use the software and then have mock chat sessions.

3. Establish KPIs. There are many potential key performance indicators for a live chat program. Start with only a few and add new ones on as you go along.

4. Go live.

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