Trump Just Dropped an Ad Tying Biden to Kenosha That Is Both Brutal and Perfect

This video speaks for itself. Biden wants claim the violence and riot from his supporters is actually Trump’s fault (see CNN ABSOLUTELY EMBARRASSES ITSELF WITH THIS CHYRON EXCUSING VIOLENT RIOTS IN KENOSHA and REPORT: TRUMP SUPPORTER KILLED WHILE PORTLAND RIOTERS CELEBRATE). This new ad tells Biden to slow his roll with that noise.

Lawless – Kenosha, Wisconsin

This is the message Trump needs to be hitting. But not only tying the violence to leftists today, but the fact that they’ve been encouraging this since before Trump was elected, when Joe Biden was in the White House the first time. The riots and chaos may be happening while Trump is present, but it’s happening because liberal Biden-supporting elected officials are letting it happen in liberal Biden-supporting cities. The violence is because of Democrats making active decisions NOT to enforce laws and to let people riot free from consequences. Unless, of course, there is a single incident that can be tied to a Trump supporter.

Trump needs to hit this over and over again, from a political standpoint at least. From a law and order standpoint, if he as president did something to hold those responsible accountable, that would be okay too.

Portland Mayor Cites “Very Fine People” Myth: Crowder DEBUNKS | Good Morning #MugClub

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