Introducing Ecommerce Magazine!

Dear Chatbots Magazine readers,
I’m thrilled to announce the launch of Ecommerce Magazine , the second publication in the Octane AI media network!
Ecommerce Magazine is a celebration of the industry, with guides to selling, building a brand, inspiring profiles of retail and ecommerce entrepreneurs, and more. It will have the same informative content you have come to expect from Chatbots Magazine , but tailored for professionals of the $1+ trillion ecommerce marketing. If you work in ecommerce or are interested in ecommerce, bookmark Ecommerce Magazine now.
Check out some of our launch articles:

  • “7 Women Making Waves in Ecommerce”
  • “The Secrets to Effective Ecommerce from Gilt and Cover FX’s Ecommerce Guru”
  • “11 Tips for New Ecommerce Entrepreneurs”
  • “A First-Hand Experience for a Second-Hand Product”
  • “The Complete List of Podcasts for Ecommerce Professionals”

Wisdom from Ecommerce’s Top Experts

Ecommerce Magazine is powered by extensive knowledge from the world’s top ecommerce experts. For the launch, the team has interviewed over 50 ecommerce experts and store owners. We intend to continually interview experts in the space, as well as accept articles on ecommerce from the community.
If you are interested in being a contributor or expert for Ecommerce Magazine, apply here .
Matt Schlicht , Kelli Kissack , and I are very proud of the community we’ve built with _ Chatbots Magazine . We have 800+ amazing contributors and over a quarter million readers every month. CBM articles on AI, NLP, and bots are read in over 100 countries every month. It’s overwhelming.
We hope you will check out our new magazine. Follow _Ecommerce Magazine
on Facebook , Twitter , and Instagram , or subscribe to our ecommerce newsletter.
~ Ben, Co-editor of Chatbots Magazine
P.S. Chatbots Magazine and Ecommerce Magazine are brought to you by Octane AI , the Messenger marketing platform for ecommerce. With Octane AI, stores can send Facebook messages to more than 90% of people who abandon their carts, all without email addresses. Learn more about Octane AI’s abandoned cart campaigns and customer support automation solutions at
P.S.S. Nothing is changing with Chatbots Magazine — we are in fact investing in its growth in 2018! More announcements soon. 🙂

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