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If you don’t have a strong email marketing strategy in place, your ecommerce store’s growth is not accelerating at the rate it could be. 

Email is the #1 driver of customer acquisition and retention with an ROI of 3800%.  

And on average, segmented marketing emails yield 2.2x more revenue per send than unsegmented emails.

Yet, creating a successful email marketing strategy can seem daunting. We often hear: 

How do I grow my email list? How often should I reach out to my subscribers? What should I send? How do I segment my subscriber list? 

Don’t worry!

In this week-long course, we will teach you the proven strategies and tactics that will help you convert your website visitors into engaged subscribers and create emails that will convert your subscribers into loyal customers. We’ll show you the tips and tricks that will let you set up systems that save you time and maximize results. 

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