Bigblue • Blog | How to transition from crowdfunding to e-commerce?

Congratulations, after months of planning, stress, and hard work, you’ve finally made it. You reached your crowdfunding goal. 

This means that you’ve got the market validation, the customers, and the funds (really soon). Three essential factors for any successful brand. Now that your campaign is coming to an end and you’ve got all these elements by your side, what’s next?

One of the logical routes to follow is to keep moving forward with your project and create your own e-commerce brand.

Cards Against Humanity, Tropicfeel, Nomatic, many successful crowdfunding campaigns have grown into wildly flourishing e-commerce businesses, and today it might be your turn. Because of that, we want to make sure you’re prepared for it ahead of time.

Here is a guide to help you transition from crowdfunding to e-commerce:

As soon as the campaign is funded:

As soon as the campaign is over and manufacturing starts:

As soon as the manufacturing is over and delivery starts:

Finally, succeeding during your crowdfunding campaign gives you all the necessary tools to succeed in your e-commerce journey. You have the funds, the customers, the market validation and a product that people want and this makes it the perfect recipe for success, the only thing that remains to be done is to go for it 😉

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