So Much For Going Dark: FBI Using Social Media, E-Commerce Sites To Track Down Suspects (Including Non-Lawbreakers)

Anonymous Coward do you understand burning, looting and murdering are exactly the things our civilization has been doing to its own citizens (by way of the state’s agents in the form of law enforcement officers)? Do you understand Blacks and minorities are grossly over-represented among its victims?

If people are burning down precincts and storefronts, it’s because the civilization part is long gone. Those of us who have been othered are outlaws. We were never invited to participate in civilized society. Our efforts were continuously seized and taken away because your social club doesn’t accept our kind. It never did, and many of us are now confident it never will.

We’re non-persons. Anticitizens.

Raiders. Marauders. Pirates. Or victims of the next holocaust.

And so yes, your civilization must be razed to ash so that an inclusive that regards everyone unconditionally take its place. Otherwise, you’re just using resources we need.

So fuck your precinct. Fuck your department stores. Fuck your sports halls of fame. Fuck your Parthenon. Fuck your Eternal City. We do not grieve when Rome is sacked once again because we were never allowed to be a part of Rome’s glory in the first place. Fuck your manifest destiny and eminent domain.

The United States has given its most marginalized no redress of grievances, no say in its governance, no consent by which laws are enforced. Even in the general election we get to choose the senile monster or the senile milquetoast guy…for those of us who actually get to vote, and can make it to the ballot box without being on the receiving end of a beatdown.

All we have gotten have been centuries of jackboots on our necks, centuries of raids and gallows. Centuries of torture and neglect in dungeons of filth. And you expect us to respect your civilization and your authority?

You ignorant, naïve fool.

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