TAS 092 : Virtual Sourcing from India, eCommerce, much more with Meghla Bhardwaj – The Australian Seller

TAS 092 : Virtual Sourcing from India, eCommerce, much more with Meghla Bhardwaj

Today I welcome Meghla back to the show; you might remember her from The India Sourcing Trip, The Asian Seller Podcast and works at Global Sources.

Meghla, Marg Jolly and Kevin Oldham have been running virtual sourcing webinars out of India, speaking to suppliers, manufacturers and Factory owners about the businesses, the products they make and how they’re manufactured.

This model of virtual sourcing has now been picked up by the big guys, Global Sources, Alibaba and I believe the Canton Fair

We also discuss the India Sourcing Trip, the Pandemic’s impact on both Singapore and India right now, eCommerce, Subscription boxes, and much more…

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