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How can I set up a Tmall store?

If a business is serious about selling its products to consumers in China, there is perhaps no more important platform on which they need to establish their presence than Tmall, China’s most popular e-commerce site.

The Alibaba-owned website is frequented by nearly 700 million users on a monthly basis and is the place where countless products (both foreign and domestic) are bought and sold. And for global brands looking to drive growth in the market, understanding the ins-and-outs of Alibaba’s flagship platform is key.

What is the 12/12 festival in China?

Just because no shopping day in China is as large as 11/11 Singles’ Day, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t other tremendous opportunities to drive growth in the market. There’s no where that that applies better than what is likely the most important Chinese shopping holiday Westerners have likely never heard of: “12/12” or “Double 12”.

The five-day event draws upwards of 500 million customers and features retailers and brands from all over the world. And though it in many ways pales in comparison to its richer cousins 11/11 and 6/18, Double 12 is certainly a day of which businesses should take note.

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