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StoryBook makes it easy to display your existing WordPress blog posts right on your Shopify store. Once connected, all WordPress posts are instantly available within your store, new posts will be available as soon as you publish.

Content type

StoryBook is able to display posts, categories, tags, comments, related, popular and recent posts, and much more. Discover all the available features below.

Server-Side Caching – Running fast

In order to speed up your store’s blog, we are caching the responses on our servers. Caching clearing based on WP entities updates is being handled under the hood, you don’t have to do anything. This way your Shopify blog will always be up to date with your WordPress blog and 99% of the time will be cached.

Why is this important? Speed and page response time is the answer. There is a good chance that your Shopify blog is way faster than your original WordPress blog.


How does it work

Look & Feel

Your Shopify blog will inherit the styles from the shop’s theme, however, in order to make sure everything looks good with any theme, we’ve also added some CSS styles. Custom CSS is also available within the app’s admin area. Need assistance with custom styling? Don’t hesitate to contact us.

To obtain the best performance, the StoryBook app runs in the cloud, and assets are hosted on AWS S3.

SSL is recommended

All Shopify stores are being securely served over HTTPS protocol, therefore your WordPress website should also be served over HTTPS protocol otherwise images from blog posts won’t be displayed within your Shopify blog.

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